Our Digital media program is ideal for individuals who enjoy working with technology to create digital entertainment content. As part of their digital media program, students may learn how to use advanced computer programs, how to program computer software and how to use digitized content as a marketing tool.

This is perfect for content creators, vloggers, online tutors, instructional video makers, Video gamers, Virtual Reality users, brand communicators.


Simbi AKA Zainab is a professional product photographer who excels at creating compelling product images for Brands for social media marketing and sales. She believes with the right attention given to your product pictures, potential customers cannot resist but to trust and patronize such brands. Aside from product photography, Simbi is also into the sale of product photography props and tools for content creation. She also impacts knowledge unto small business owners on how to creatively style and edit product pictures and create captivating product video adverts which she includes in her online and physical training.

Kayode Kasum is a Director and Producer who believes in the power of authenticity. His style and cinematography is often linked to the emotions of the characters and the core elements of each film. His films have been screened and have won awards in various festivals around the world. Canada, France, Serbia, Kenya, Italy, United Kingdom, and Nigeria. He shoots most of his films in English , Pidgin English and the African dialect because he also believes in the passing on of our cultural practices from one generation to the next, in Africa and the Diaspora.