About Us

We exist to shape the Creatives of the Future

The Gidi Creative Centre is supported by the Lagos State Government through Lagos State Creative Industry Initiative (LACI), under the Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture.

GCC was created to endow youths with practical skills to serve as sources of livelihood, enabling them to think self-sufficiently by deploying their skills towards enterprise creation that focuses on providing solutions to society’s problems profitably while equipping them with requisite employability skills for the workplace.

Goals and Objectives of GCC?

  • Support youth development through the process of looking within to take stock of their lives – dreams, visions for the future, current skills, talents, and inclination
  • Expose youths to the concept of leadership and values skills by offering tools and skills required for personal and community transformation
  • Provide youths with practical skills that serve as sources of livelihood through skills development
  • Equip youths with requisite employability skills for the workplace
  • Develop youths that will think self-sufficiency by deploying their skills towards enterprise creation that focuses on providing solutions to society’s problems profitably

Our purpose is to create a learning environment in which community members fulfill their needs professionally and socially, build the capacity to reveal their own potential; and collaborate on projects that could create long-term value.

To develop and strengthen the skills, instincts, abilities, processes and resources that individuals, organizations and communities need to survive, adapt, and thrive in a fast-changing world.

To train a plethora of Africans with our expertise, knowledge and resources available across various sectors of the creative economy to empower them to thrive in an ever growing society.

Each trainee will be presented with a certificate validated by our partners Henley and the University of Lagos upon program completion

Students under the Gidi Creative Centre will be trained at different locations including Ogidi Studios, University of Lagos and Dayton Lakes.

Our Facilities

Ogidi Studios is a full-scale production studio serving the entire value chain in the entertainment and creative industry. The Studio has invested in industry-leading production equipment and in collaboration with the parent company, Temple company has access to the leading talents in the creative industry.

Ogidi Studios, described as a content factory by some and a creative campus by others, is a recording, film production, animation, and writing studio in Lagos, Nigeria, founded by The Temple Company.

Facilities available include:

  • Fully fitted animation studio
  • Post Production Studio
  • Green Screen
  • 4 Audio Recording & Production Studios
  • Live Rehearsal Spaces
  • Adaptive Studios for Set Creation
  • Dance studio
  • Dressing room and Salon/MakeUp Room
  • In-house production staff and Production Equipment
  • 6 rooms with en suite facilities
  • 23-bed spaces for crew